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Whether you have recently had a child or are working on your weight goals, you may not feel as comfortable in your favorite outfits as you would like. Fortunately, shapewear allows you to wear your favorite dress and boost your confidence. There are many styles and fabric types to choose from to ensure a comfortable fit. If you have never shopped for shapewear, this guide provides helpful information to help you get started. 

What Is Shapewear?

Shapewear is a tight-fitting undergarment used to control the body’s shape and sculpt one’s figure. It’s designed to eliminate unwanted bulges that may appear in tight-fitting clothing. In addition to concealment, shapewear offers support to the back and bust area, especially garments that have a bra attached to them.

Choosing the Right Style

Every woman’s body is different, but no matter what your shape is, there is a shapewear style to accommodate you. If you are looking for overall shaping, consider a bodysuit. They look like a one-piece bathing suit and are designed to lend smooth control to your waist, stomach, and torso.

If you want to target your legs, consider leg and mid-thigh shapers. These garments help control your legs, rear, and stomach. Additionally, you can pair either of those styles with a shapewear bra, pantie, and camisole for optimal comfort.

Choose the Right Size

Picking the right size is important to achieve the look you want and to be comfortable while wearing the garment. Make sure to choose your exact size. Opting for a smaller size will not help you wear a smaller dress size; it will make you feel constricted and uncomfortable. Alternatively, a larger size will not help you achieve your desired look, since the garment will be loose-fitting. 

Head to a lingerie store and try pieces on before purchasing them. Sit, stand, and walk around with it on to make sure it is comfortable and will stay in place all day long. If you need help choosing a size, a professional at the store should be able to help you pick the right garment for you.

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